USC Lion Volleyball

USC LION Volleyball Club History

A mens team was formed to compete in a C grade competition held at Collingwood college Wednesday nights. The team was called 'LVIV' (after city in western Ukraine).
Squad :- Paul Didyk, Roman Vitek, Orest Chepil, Andrew Petryshyn, Darek Petryshyn, Leon Makohon and Eugene Stefen.
The squad went on to win the final and become C-grade champions that year.

The team looks to more challenging competition in B-Grade MVA (Melbourne Volleyball Association) held on a weekday evening at University High School, Melbourne. The team finished runner up in their first season.

The team progresses into A-Grade MVA now competing amongst the top mens volleyball teams in the state. A junior boys team organized, competed in the Ukrainian National Volleyball Champioships (UNVC in Melbourne).
Senior Mens:- Orest Chepil, Eugene Stefyn, Steve Opar, Paul Didyk, Darek Petryshyn, Andrew Petryshyn, Leon Makohon.
Reserve Men:- Andrew Lech, Michael Gembarovski, Maurice Stechiwskyj, Ron Wityk, Peter Pastyr, Michael Rozek, John Gemborovski, Steve Senjov.
Junior Boys:- Patrick Jursa, Terry Jursa, Mark Kwas, Robert Kinash, Mark Kinash, Mark Makohon, Andrew Makohon, Nick Soloczynskyj, Peter Podolczak, Simon Merunovich

U.N.V.C. Adelaide

Senior Men :- Leon Makohon, Orest Czepil, Andrew Petryshyn, Darek Petryshyn, Steve Opar, Paul Didyk, Anthony Kaczmar, Wally Soltys.
Junior Boys:- Andrew Romanyk, Simon Merunovich, Andrew Makohon, Simon Luciew, Mark Kwas, Terry Jursa, Patrick Jursa.

U.N.V.C. Geelong

MEN :- Orest Chepil, Paul Didyk, Anthony Karchmar, John Kuznirczuk, Leon Makohon, Steve Opar, Andrew Petryshyn, Darek Petryshyn, Wally Soltys, Eugene Stefyn.
WOMEN:- Halya Poparechna, Dianna Starczak, Olga Starczak, Eva Hornak, Maria Szciuk, Kathy Gembarovskij, Lidia Chalabarczuk, Mary Pipka, Marianne Pawliuk, Lisa Pawliuk, Irene Cabaniuk.
MIXED1:- Peter Pastyr, Kathy Gembarovskij, Steve Senjov, Katrina Romanyk, Michael Gembarovskij, Chris Gembarovskij, Maurice Stechiwskyj, Cathy Clifford, John Gembarovskij.
MIXED2:- John Makohon, George Makohon, Slav Bojczuk, Maria Makohon, Michael Jursa, Olga Jursa, Ross Merunovich.
JUNIORS(USC Sunshine Eagles):- Patrick Jursa, Simon Merunovich, Andrew Makohon, Simon Luciew, Andrew Romanyk, Mark Kwas, Terry Jursa.

*The junior boys team move to compete in the Melton Volleyball Association (MVA) as USC Sunshine Eagles (Given that they had all started their volleyball at the Ivan Franko Ukrainian School in Sunshine) Nick Soloczynskij, Terry Jursa, Patrick Jursa, Andrew Makohon, Mark Kwas, Simon Luciew and Dean Lisczarz,

U.N.V.C. Sydney
MEN:- Orest Chepil, Andrew Petryshyn, Darek Petryshyn, John Makohon, Leon Makohon, Valdek
MIXED:- Irene Cabaniuk, Olga Bojczuk, Maria Stragan, Maria Makohon, Michael Jursa, Ron Stashko, Max Demko, Valik, Anka
JUNIORS (USC Sunshine Eagles):- Simon Merunovich, Terry Jursa, Patrick Jursa, Andrew Makohon, Steven Nelson, Philip Nelson

U.N.V.C. Canberra

U.N.V.C. Melbourne
MEN:- Leon Makohon, Paul Didyk, Steve Opar, Andrew Petryshyn, Darek Petryshyn, Steve Sikora, Slavko Kapchak
RESERVE MEN:- Wally Soltys, Eugene Stefyn, John Makohon, Simon Merunovich, Ron Staszko, Valdek, Damien O'Neil
RESERVE MEN2:- Daniel Kohut, Daniel Jurczyszyn, Steven Jurczyszyn, George Lech, Mark Lech, Alex Plekan, Nick Soloczynskij, Jason Price, Jason Gofton.